Special Delivery

26 Oct

I’m afraid the FedEx man might hate me…. every time he makes a delivery, it is larger and heavier than the last.  I try to charm him with my smile and large green eyes, but I fear it doesn’t work.  Last time he complained that his arms hurt and begrudgingly grinned as he walked out the door.

Standing next to our largest delivery from Ghana. Over 1,100 Della bags fill 6 life-sized rice bags.

A few weeks back I had the task of shipping over 1,000 MacBook and iPad cases as the first of our Holiday shipments.  This process is tedious. Once the goods arrive from Ghana, I must inspect every single piece for quality control, label and individually package them.  It may sound simple, but the process can take days to complete.  

Did I mention that our "office" is my 400 square foot apartment?

To get this done I must to call upon all friends, family & interns to help.  I know they are happy to do so, but I fear using up all of my “favors.”  It took three nights, several helping hands, and even my own mother to help with the process.  To show my appreciation I supplied ample amounts of pizza and wine. 

Exclusives for ModCloth.com. One of our favorite fabrics was used exclusively for one of our favorite stores.

While all this was going on, I had another deadline:  my cousin was getting married and I had to leave for the festivities in Lake Tahoe.  Fortunately, Team Della came through and we boxed everything just hours before my scheduled trip.

Finally. After over 30 hours of prep, the first of our Holiday orders were shipped via UPS Ground.


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