Time flies…

21 Dec

Well, I had every intention to maintain this blog on a weekly basis, however, clearly, I have been negligent since my last post was almost two months ago. In a New Year’s attempt to start fresh, I want to share some of our most recent successes and begin 2012 with a “resolution” to write more often.

First, let’s flash back to October 2011– a very exciting month for us here at Della. Not only were we busy prepping all of our Holiday orders but we also participated in our first bona-fide Fashion Accessory Trade Show.


Della's promotional flyer for Coeur Trade Show, October 2011

For those who work in the fashion industry, this is a big deal.  Participating in a trade show adds legitimacy to your business & gives you the opportunity to be seen by various store buyers and press.

Assortment of Della bags hanging from our booth at COEUR Trade Show. Trade shows like COEUR are the perfect place for fashion lines to display next season's products and network within the industry.

COEUR took place at the Cooper Building in Downtown Los Angeles.  There were over 80 independent designers participating in the 3 day event.  For the Della team, the show was a success: we opened several new accounts, made connections  with buyers, vendors and media outlets.  I am excited to see what else lies ahead as we participate in more shows next year.


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