Ghanaian Coffee…

30 Jan

Hello folks — Capers here. Nice to meet you all. Imagine that we’re shaking hands. Imagine that we’re giving high fives. Good. Now that we’re friends, let’s get to know one another a little better, yes? O.K. — I’ll start.

Like I said, my name is Capers. No, not like the food. Like the island.

Capers Island, South Carolina

I’m something of a wanderer — equal parts traveler, activist, and photographer. Last year, I was in South Sudan for the referendum, Egypt during the revolution, and I pedaled a bicycle through snowstorms in eastern Europe for weeks on end. Now, I’ve settled myself in sweltering Hohoe, Ghana, for the next six months, amongst the fine folks at Della, and I couldn’t be happier.

While I’m here, among other things, I’ll  be bringing to you daily the faces and voices of people in and around Hohoe. Each and every person here (and everywhere) is beautiful and unique, and their stories deserved to be told. So look hard and listen up! We’ve got so much to tell one another, so much to learn from each other.

We’ll kick off this inaugural “Photo of the Day” with a visit to Happy Kids Orphanage — It was the end of a long, hot, hard day and the whole Della team was very very tired. We needed a pick-me-up, and since there is no coffee here in Ghana, we decided on the next best (or way better) thing — A visit to Happy Kids! We arrived at their gates, and were immediately swarmed with little bodies. Soon enough we were all filled to overflowing with energy and hugs and laughter.

As some of you may know, Della organizes a sewing training program at Happy Kids. Each week, one of the Della seamstresses comes to the orphanage to teach some of  the older kids. They had recently completed their first project — school bags — and were so happy and proud to show them to us. The bags were really very good — they all had a dark blue lining, and some even had button closures.

After posing for the obligatory photos, we all stampeded onto the football (soccer) field, and ran around giggling hysterically for the next few hours. All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon, and when we finally left for home, we were properly exhausted – tired and smiling.

Look how great their bags look! They made them themselves!

I had forgotten just how fast kids can run...

Taking a break from all the running around to sit and rest.


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