Rules of Ghana

14 Feb
Here are a few simple rules Capers and I have noted in our time, here in Hohoe, thus far:
  1. One must carry every sort of object on their head
  2. One may bargain prices with almost anything, and should
  3. Make all food spicy
  4. Blast music at all hours of the day. And night
  5. Only blast the 10 songs currently in circulation
  6. Don’t lick the stamps (“Post office employees yelled at me” –Capers)
  7. Carry toilet paper at all times
  8. Don’t worry be happy
  9. 5 minutes really means, 35 minutes
  10. Don’t forget to snap (Ghanaian handshakes end with a snap of each others middle fingers)
  11. Dance at will, when fitting, which is always
  12. If one must distinguish their chicken from their neighbors, spray paint that chicken pink



Rule #12. This is also our "front yard"


One Response to “Rules of Ghana”

  1. Ruben and Beverly Rodriguez February 17, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    We love you Chandler and are so proud of you!

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