When It Rains It Pours…

6 Mar

The rainy season has officially begun — and what a wonderful season it is! Ask almost any Ghanaian, and they will tell you that their favorite season is the rainy season, and with good reason. The rainy season in Ghana feels like rebirth itself. It comes after the Hamatan – the time of year when the northern winds carry the sands of the Sahara all the way south to the Gulf of Guinea. The Hamatan coats the world red and dusty. It dries out your lungs and makes your boogers black. It turns the moon a deep brown in the night sky and throws a perpetual haze over the day. But then — then! — the rainy season blows in with its cold winds and ample thunder, and each afternoon it dumps unbelievable amounts of rain on our heads, and the world turns green again. Not to mention that it is the one time of day in the one time of year that Ghana is offered respite from its mercilessly sweltering temperatures. The rainy season is a relief.

And to illustrate just how much we enjoy the rainy season, here is a short video of Chandler doing just that: http://vimeo.com/37965317

While most Ghanaians like the rainy season, they don't necessarily like to be wet...Edith, for example.


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