I feel much lighter…

23 Mar

Yesterday a huge weight was lifted, literally, 35 boxes full!

Surrounded by boxes. I never realized starting a business included acting as a distribution center.

I never realized starting a business would include creating our own distribution center.

It was a very exciting day for us as we shipped our first nationwide order to Nordstrom.  Not only is the partnership a big accomplishment, but actually getting the shipment packed & out the door is a huge feat!

Most large companies work with distribution centers who ship everything according to industry standards.  However, we’re not that fancy.  So Team Della had the task of becoming our own distribution center: tagging, labeling, organizing, processing, creating detailed packing slips, bills of lading, electronically corresponding with the receiving company, and shipping within the deadline.  We even had to use a specific type of tape to seal every box.

After 3 weeks, 80 hours and more than 12 pairs of helping hands, we did it!


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