Planting Seeds in Hohoe

4 Jul

Hello, hello, hello,

I’m Justine, operations manager of the Ghana-side of Della. I’ll be sharing some stories about the going-ons in Ghana over the next few months. Happy reading and 4th of July!


My Ghana travel guide describes Hohoe as “a sleepy village.” Ha!

With its bustling streets, meandering goats, curious children and honking taxis, anyone who’s been to Hohoe would have a hard time agreeing with this label. After a month in Ghana, my impression of the Volta Region’s second largest city included no such words, at least not until this morning.

My alarm went off at 5am. I skirted around Alexa and Rachael’s sleeping bodies, hopped on a bike and rode out onto the rain-drenched streets of my new home.  Everything was strangely quiet and empty. Ghanaians may wake up at 4:30am every morning to sweep out their houses, but they wait until the sun rises to start doing business. And so for the first and possibly only time, I had all of Hohoe to myself.

The doors of the bank and social security offices, where a fair amount of our hours are spent, were tightly closed; as were those of the restaurant where we eat a bowl of beans, plantains, eggs, gari and cabbage everyday for lunch. I cycled past the statue of Ms. Ghana that stands proudly in the center of Hohoe and pulled up in front of a new friend’s house.

We spent the next two hours giving some seeds a good place to sprout. In another two weeks, they’ll be ready to transplant. Time here seems to be flying by and given Ghana’s extremely warm, sunny and damp climate, I imagine that we’ll be enjoying and sharing our vegetables in the blink of an eye.

By the time that I made the return journey, the streets were their usual busy-selves. Women carry babies on their backs and heavy loads of food on their heads and children in uniforms stream by on their way to school. These people of Hohoe that we are meeting, those faces on the busy streets that are slowly acquiring names, and the friendships that we are building with them, are our real seeds in Hohoe. These are the seeds that matter, the ones that will allow us to explore and get to know Ghana during our time here.

Here’s to the adventures to come!



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