Introducing my favorite little lady.

14 Jul


Meet Mary.

She’s my favorite neighbor.

Mary can most often be found in the space between our house and the neighbors’, or peeking through the window of our office to see what we are doing.

Mary likes to walk around in her underwear but sometimes will wear a cute dress and the tiniest little black flip flops.

Mary likes to be tickled and tossed in the air. She also likes to play hide and seek and give hugs.

My favorite thing about Mary is how she says my name. It sounds something like this: Sistah Blaychulch!!!!!

No matter how much I emphasize the R at the beginning or the L at the end, she will never get it right. But I think that’s what I like the best. I’m the only Sistah Blaychulch in Hohoe, and probably the only one in the world.



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