Tafi Atome

27 Jul


            I grabbed the banana and held on tight. The woman had told us to firmly grasp the banana, leave it peeled, and stick our arm out towards the trees. So, I did what I was told and waited with anticipation. Within ten seconds, a Mona Monkey had jumped on my arm and went for the banana. It was interesting- I have always pictured monkeys peeling a banana in strips like we do…

            Not these monkeys. Sitting on my arm, the monkey went to town on the end of the banana. He started scraping at the surface and within seconds had the entire banana out leaving the peel behind in my hand. I was baffled out how fast they got the fruit out of its peel and out of my hand.

            Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is about 2 hours away from Hohoe. Alexa and I spent the day riding in packed tros (taxi vans) and on the back of taxi-motos (motorcycle taxis), through the dense jungle mountains, just with hopes to see some monkeys.  Our group fed about 50 monkeys at the sanctuary that day. The woman said there were well over 500 living in the surrounding forest. They would swing in the trees above us and creep down whenever someone stuck out their fistful of banana. There were so many monkeys that we had to be careful where we stepped because they were sitting over our heads, dropping banana pieces and peeing (unfortunately, I’m pretty sure Alexa and I both got peed on at one point).


Until the next adventure,



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