Meet one of our wonderful seamstresses, Essenam!

31 Jul


Essenam is a 28 year old seamstress who truly loves working for Della. Della has become a very important part of her life, but her heart will always belong first and foremost to her children.  She has a five year old daughter of her own, and she adopted her late sister’s son, who is also five. Even though they were born in different months (July and September), Essenam likes to call them her “twins”. She loves being able to teach them new things whenever she gets the chance.

Originally from Amedzofe, Ghana, Essenam grew up in a large family, smack in the middle of one brother and four sisters. Her future goals include opening up her own Ghanaian orphanage. Unfortunately, many orphanages in the country hold many children who actually have families, and are sent there to receive money from charities to bring back home. Essenam wants to make sure her orphanage will be for those who truly do not have a loving family to go back to.


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