Get to know Julia, our Communications Intern!

1 Aug


I attend Cal State Northridge, where I study Communication and Political Science. I chose an internship at Della because I love being able to help people, whether it’s a large amount or just one. The idea of spending life just making money for someone else sounds soul-crushing. While I’m here on this planet, I might as well do something worthwhile. There is personal satisfaction in doing something good for others.

Hometown: Culver City, CA

Favorite Della product: The headbands are gorgeous. I can always use a little bit of help keeping my crazy hair in place. 

Favorite Band: Florence + The Machine. There is something so powerful and other-worldly about her music.

Favorite TV show: Bones

Personal Motto: “Do as you can, not as you should.” 

Hobby: I love to run. A year ago I couldn’t make it half a mile before wanting to curl up into a ball on the concrete. Now I run a 5k every week.

Interesting fact: I’m currently helping with the illustrations for a children’s book my sister wrote. We’re hoping to get it published one day!


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