Apple Party, Ghanaian Style

11 Aug

Last weekend, we threw a small shindig to celebrate the launch of our MacBook cases in Apple stores. Since this is one serious accomplishment, we wanted to have a seriously amazing celebration to match. The women deserve it! Our first task was to find a location. It wasn’t difficult to settle on Obama Gardens. This wonderful establishment serves cold beverages, has an impressively green grassy patch with tables and chairs, and keeps the music volume relatively low. Check. Second task — purchase a festive sweet treat to serve our guests. The wonderful ladies of Anointed Hands bakery crafted two, beautiful hexagonal cakes and fed us doughnuts throughout the ordering process. Nice.

Third task – find something to wear. The last time we gathered together outside of the workweek, I was so impressed by the women’s outfits; dresses that sparkled, hair wraps with bows, sashes, ribbons, and tulle… I felt severely underdressed in my worn-in cotton dress.

This time I swore I’d do it right and started to craft my own dress from Della scraps one week before the party. I finished sewing the last hem minutes before leaving. Yikes! The women were all there when we arrived. We set up a computer and showed them pictures of the Apple launch party in LA. “Oohs” and “aahs” ensued, and many a proud grin could be seen in the crowd. Shortly afterwards, we cut the cake. It is quite a rare treat here in Hohoe, so many of them saved their piece to bring home for their kids.

If cake was the highlight of the night for the ladies, their approval of my handcrafted dress was definitely the highlight for me.  It’s the first dress I’ve ever made, so I was a little nervous to wear it in front of such fine seamstresses. When Patience told me she liked it, I indicated that I made it myself and before I knew it all they all started to scream, laugh, and clap. They thoroughly inspected the darts, the zipper, the hem, the pockets, and the shape and approved on the whole. I felt inexplicably bashful as they inspected my handiwork, but proud by the end of the examination. It survived the night, darts and all, but I seem to have dropped some frosting on the front. Woops. I hope we have another reason to celebrate soon so we have another occasion where we can eat cake and wear fancy dresses.


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