Friday Funday

22 Aug

   We have recently adopted a new policy called “Friday Funday” at the Hohoe Della office. And by recently, I mean we have tried this once- last week.

   Last Friday we told the women to clean up early and come outside at 4:30 because we were going to play a game. By the time 4:30 rolled around, the ladies wandered skeptically outside. We had drawn a chalk grid on the ground for our secret path game, and had them split up into 2 teams on either side of the grid. The point of the game is to figure out the secret path through the grid to the other side. Only one team member can go at a time, and once they make one wrong move, the next team member has to start all the way over.


My team got lucky and caught onto the path pretty quickly. The other team struggled a little bit in the beginning to get going. After playing for a little while, the women started to become more vocal and get into it. By the end of the game the ladies were all laughing while screaming and yelling at each other “FRONT! BACKWARD! SIDE! FORWARD!” Each team would yell at the other trying to throw them off the path. Eventually, when the sister Vic figured out the entire path, everyone went wild cheering, jumping, yelling, and laughing.


 It was so fun to see the ladies’ faces once they made it all the way across. They were so proud to have accomplished the task of finding and memorizing the secret path. We were very happy to see the game received so well, that we are going to continue to have “Friday Funday” from now on! 




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