5 Sep

Time at Happy Kids isn’t just an after-work activity, it’s a pleasure! Last weekend I spent some extra time with the kids to do a special workshop. The orphanage recently started an agriculture program and will be growing food to help the kids get their hands dirty and teach them about where their food comes from.

My workshop started with a big bag of oranges.

Question number 1: Why are oranges good for you?

The kids had lots of different ideas. Oranges have vitamins. Oranges help you to stay healthy. Oranges keep you well.

We sliced oranges and squeezed them to make juice… to drink, of course!

If oranges are good for you, they must also be good for plants! After drinking our juice, we filled the oranges with dirt and planted seeds inside.

After planting, we found a safe place for our orange-peels-turned-planter in the sun and away from goats!

We’re looking forward to seeing what sprouts!



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