Hello Hohoe!

20 Oct

There was once a day or maybe a handful where time and light fell still. I was working in a garage, seeming to exist only in a garage, and sleeping when the sugar ran dry. It was then, in Venice, CA, where I first met Della. Today the canvass is slightly greener and three years have passed, but I find myself meeting her once again.

I came to Hohoe to work for Happy Kids, the lovely school and orphanage you’ve heard so much about. And while I’ve only been here three weeks, the work and the company have quickly made it home.

Here the morning rises before the sun with roosters calling you from sleep. Mamas are sweeping, children are bathing, and shop owners are passing off to where I cannot see. There are patterns to movement here just like any other community, and before you’ve had the chance at your first cup of tea, you’re falling into life here as if it’s always been.

My days are filled mostly with teaching, playing, eating and working through ideas of development. The school and orphanage exist today as a non-profit, and as a result have in the past relied heavily upon donors. But tomorrow’s vision has our current development projects turning cash into chickens, and thus a self-sustaining community. Just as with Della, it’s about building a foundation for long term success.

I want to tell you of Moda, of Roland, of Elizabeth, of the faces and hands that make up Happy Kids. And I will. But for only today, I simply wanted to say hello. To say, it’s nice to meet you.

Be seeing you,



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