Life As We Know It

14 Nov

I arrived in Hohoe a bit over three weeks ago to begin work with Della and already feel right at home. The food is delicious, people are lively, and the neighbors’ goats roaming around are just about the cutest in the world.

During my first week the rest of the Della team was in Burkina Faso for a trade show connecting with other African brands, so I dove head first into familiarizing myself with sourcing fabric, searching for zippers, and getting to know the incredible Della seamstresses.

Since Rachael, Justine, and Zyad have returned we’ve developed a daily work routine with trips to town to meet with vendors and wonderful afternoons at Happy Kids to lead a sewing program with the older children. I’m blown away with the detailed operations of Della’s work in Hohoe. From coordinating textiles for iPad cases and developing new product, to setting up literacy classes and Social Security accounts for the seamstresses, everything under the sun and more is done everyday.

We’ve also made time for plenty of adventure: this past weekend we traveled to Mt. Afadjato, the highest peak in Ghana. The trail was steep and demanding but we summited nonetheless. On our hike down we even found ourselves a waterfall to cool off and splash around in.

With all we have done in the past few weeks, I cannot wait to see what comes next.

— Meghan


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