Thanksgiving in Ghana

23 Nov

It’s official – animals have infiltrated our lives. Last week I looked up from a book to see a goat in our bedroom. Chickens sneak into the office, sheep sleep on the porch and oh, the ants. While brushing my teeth, I watched several hundred of them parade across the sink on their way to who knows where.

Everyday, I step out of the house and into our yard to find our neighbor’s flock of turkeys hanging out in the shade, picking at bugs in the grass, or ruffling their feathers under the mid-day sun. While all of the animals serve as a constant reminder of our location, the turkeys stirred up a special set of questions. Namely, how does one celebrate Thanksgiving in Ghana?

We, the Della team, had all of the usual pre-celebration questions with a few Ghana twists thrown in. What do we make? Where should we eat? Who should we invite? What if a pack of pigs storms the party? In the end, we chopped, boiled, fried and mashed various veggies into a fabulous meal. We dined among friends under a starry sky.

Six months ago, I couldn’t have imagined where living in Ghana would lead me to. This year, I am thankful for all of the new people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, food I’ve tasted and lessons I’ve learned along the way. I’m thankful for the wonderful Della ladies, their smiles and positive energy. I’m thankful for my friends at home who send me letters. And yes, I’m thankful for the animals, too.


“Decisions represent only the beginning of something. When someone makes a decision, they dive into an impetuous current that carries them to a destination that they never could have imagined, even in their dreams.” -Paulo Coelho


One Response to “Thanksgiving in Ghana”

  1. Dylan Russell (@DRYSFU) November 25, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    Thanks for the Coelho quote, perfect ending to a great post. I am thankful for meeting the Della team, and truly hope its the beginning of longer dream. – D

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