Wonderful Waterfall Weekend

28 Nov

After going to the highest mountain in Ghana, we, the Della team, were in search of more adventures. This weekend, we decided to visit the highest village in Ghana, Amedzofe. This little village is located 1 hour south of Hohoe.

The day started with a 45-minute hike to the top of Mount Gemi. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and we had a spectacular view of Amedzofe and the entire Volta Region.

After climbing a mountain, we decided to reward ourselves with another hike to Ote Falls. Nothing is more refreshing after a long day of sweating than a shower under a waterfall. We explored the different parts of the waterfall with a view of the jungle behind us and the water above. It was a relaxing afternoon – the kind of day where you don’t realize that time is going by until the sun starts to set and it’s time to go home.

As we left Amedzofe and drove down the mountain, the village seemed to disappear into the sky. I felt a sense of renewal and peace. What a way to spend a weekend!


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