Two weeks

14 Feb


Two weeks,

And I hit the ground running.  Patiently catching on to the local language, memorizing hundreds of names, maneuvering through new villages/towns/cities/markets and their labyrinth like back-roads, negotiating contracts/materials/schedules with resilient and prideful humans, tramping through the Sub-Saharan heat heaving 50+lbs over my shoulder with other awkwardly balanced weight in the other arm, Avoiding bathtub sized potholes on route from town to town; crammed like sardines in a rusty mini-van, experimenting with new diets, skipping showers, battling the neighbor kids walking to town, walking, walking, walking, walking, more walking, always walking… all while trying to make it to bed on time.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My name is Wyatt Walker and I am filling the position as the new Operations Manager for the Della Foundation.  Daily, I have many obligations with limited amounts of time, but every night before going to bed I ask myself a series of questions in regards to my time here in Ghana:  How can I best be of service to the ladies (backbone) of Della? How can the community benefit from these actions?  How far can we go?

And then I remind myself,

The sky is the limit.


P.S. Happy Valentines day ❤
Go love on someone! They deserve it.


One Response to “Two weeks”

  1. Ashley Nuss February 14, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    So proud of you Wyatt! Truly are and amazing person in side and out.

    HAPPY VALENTINES my friend!

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